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Grape CreekIndependent School District

Good Luck to all our students taking the STAR test in the upcoming weeks

District Forms

The Facility Use Form must be completed and approved before any outside organization can use school facilities.  This includes school grounds for sports practices as well as any buildings or rooms.  If approved, there is usually no charge for usage if it benefits our students and it is not a money-making event.
Once completed, take the form to the appropriate campus or administrative office for the approval process.  Once approved at the campus level, it comes to the superintendent for final approval and the person listed on the form will be notified of the decision.
Please note that it is very important to be as specific as possible when listing requested dates and times of the day, especially when applying for usage of the playgrounds and any outside areas for practices.  Attaching a practice schedule to the application is encouraged.
Out-of-district transfers, if approved, do not require a tuition fee; however, they are subject to approval by campus principals and the superintendent based on a number of factors.  Among the determining factors are a history of discipline problems and excessive absences.  A student may also be denied if the grade level he/she is applying to is already full.  For instance, if a third grade class is at the limit according to student:teacher ratio, a transfer will likely be denied.
Completed and signed applications should be submitted to the appropriate campus for the first step in the approval process.  The applications may be emailed, faxed, hand-delivered or mailed.  Contact information for each campus follows:
Mailing address for all campuses is:  8207 US Hwy. 87 North,  San Angelo, TX  76901
Grape Creek Primary School (Grades Early Childhood-2nd) - James Valadez, Principal
Fax:  325-658-2623
Physical Address:  9633 Grape Creek Rd.
Grape Creek Intermediate School (3rd-5th) - Katherine Pearce, Principal
Fax:  325-658-2623
Physical Address:  9633 Grape Creek Rd.
Grape Creek Middle School (6th-8th) - Tim Jetton, Principal
Fax:  325-657-2997
Physical Address:  9633 Grape Creek Rd.
Grape Creek High School (9th-12th) - Trey Gardner, Principal
Fax:  325-653-3568
Physical Address:  8834 Grape Creek Rd.