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Grape CreekIndependent School District

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Grape Creek ISD is NOT affected by the water ban issued 2/8/21 and school WILL be held as usual on Feb. 9.  Please See Concho Rural Water Website for more information: *****Click on the COVID 19 button to access all information concerning the pandemic.*****Welcome back to Grape Creek ISD! We missed you!*****Tickets to all sporting events will be handled through our website.  The page is found by hovering over the Athletics tab. It's the last entry in the drop-down menu.*****The Grape Creek Elementary Roof Repair RFP has been extended to Wednesday at 3:00pm. All submissions will be accepted via email.******

District Staff Contact Information

District Staff Contacts
Central Administration
Angie Smetana Superintendent 325-658-7823 x 1000
Leigh Ann Stephens Executive Director of School Operations 325-658-7823 x 1000
Theresa Bird Business Manager 325-658-7823 x 1004 
Teri Deweber
Admin. Asst. to the Supt./Asst Webmaster
325-658-7823 x 1000 
Maribel Hernandez Accounts Payable/Receivable 325-658-7823 x 1003
Summer Chudej Payroll/Personnel/Benefits Coordinator 325-658-7823 x 1007
Special Populations Department
Jordan Cox Director  325-655-6768 x 1205
Elena Rivas Administrative Assistant/PEIMS 325-655-6768 x 1205
Elise Merz Special Populations Counselor 325-655-6768 x 1204
District Directors/Coordinators
David Augustine Director of Transportation  325-655-1735 x 6000
Caleb Rodriguez District Technology Director 325-658-7823 x 1910
Tonya Draper Aramark Food Services Director  325-655-1735 x 2016 
JaJean Johnston District School Nurse  325-653-1735 x 2020 
Dan LaFave District Webmaster 325-653-1852 x 5000 
Stephanie Oliver District PEIMS Coordinator 325-655-1735 x 3014
Elementary Campus
Dana Felts Primary Principal  325-655-1735 x 2010 
Katherine Pearce Intermediate Principal 325-655-1735 x 2010 
Stephanie Tankersley Elementary School Counselor  325-655-1735 x 2012
Stephanie Kozak Primary Secretary        325-655-1735 x 2000
Carmen Penland   Elementary Attendance & Information 325-655-1735 x 2001
Elementary PEIMS  325-655-1735 x 2010 
Middle School Campus
Tim Jetton Middle School Principal  325-655-1735 x 3002 
Bre Marquis Counselor 325-655-1735 x 3010
James Valadez Middle School Assistant Principal 325-655-1735 x 3002
Lydia Rodriguez PEIMS/Principal's Secretary 325-655-1735 x 3002 
Donna Mayfield Attendance Clerk 325-655-1735 x 3000
High School Campus
Trey Gardner High School Principal  325-653-1852 x 5013
Matt Fore High School Assistant Principal  325-653-1852 x 5013 
Renita Dillon High School Counselor  325-653-1852 x 5008 
Sandra Crawford  Secretary  325-653-1852 x 5013 
Cristy Dominguez PEIMS 325-653-1852 x 5004
Michele Jackson Librarian 325-653-1852 x 5009
For District information, please contact: Teri Deweber at 325-658-7823, ext. 1000
Administration Physical/Mailing Address: 8207 US Hwy. 87 North  San Angelo, TX  76901
  Fax Number:  325-658-8719
Mailing Addresses for all campuses: 8207 US Hwy. 87 North  San Angelo, TX  76901
Physical Addresses for each campus:  
   High School: 8834 Grape Creek Rd.
   Primary/Intermediate 9633 Grape Creek Rd.
   Middle School 7752 Tomahawk Lane
Fax Numbers:
Administration:  325-658-8719 High School:  325-653-3568
Middle School:  325-657-2997 Primary/Intermediate:  325-658-2623
Special Education Department  325-655-6915