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Grape CreekIndependent School District

Good Luck to all our students taking the STAR test in the upcoming weeks
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Our Superintendent

Dr. Angie Smetana - Grape Creek ISD Superintendent


Dr. Angie Smetana became the GCISD Superintendent on July 1, 2016.   Previously, she served in Grape Creek ISD for two years as the Transition Coordinator; one and a half years as the Elementary Assistant Principal; and six years as the Primary Campus Principal. Dr. Smetana is a long time member of the Grape Creek Community having moved into the Grape Creek at the age of five. She and her twin sister attended school at Grape Creek ISD from first grade to eighth grade during the years the district did not house a high school. Dr. Smetana is married to Scott Smetana and has two children, Kristin and Cole, who both attended and graduated from Grape Creek ISD.

Dr. Smetana holds a Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degree from Angelo State University, and completed her PhD. from Texas Tech University in Education Leadership and Policy in May of 2020. 


A Personal Note from Ms. Smetana:

From early on, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in education. I was a frequent visitor and volunteer at the Head Start Center where my mom served as Center Director.  I knew I had a knack with children and loved teaching them and helping them grow and learn. As a senior in high school, I was given the opportunity to work as a substitute teacher at the elementary of the school district I attended, and absolutely loved every minute of it.

I attended Angelo State University as an undergrad, receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, with an English Minor. I received my elementary certification for grades 1-8, and Master’s degree in Counseling, as well as Administration from Angelo State University. I earned my Superintendent Certification from Angelo State University as well. I have been blessed with so many opportunities throughout my career in education that have helped me continually grow and become better each day. I have learned from some of the best educators in the field, and have had many experiences that have prepared me and given me the knowledge and skills necessary to be a strong and effective administrator.

I became the assistant principal of Grape Creek Elementary and was named principal a year and a half later. I worked as the Campus Principal at the Elementary for seven years, and found that I did more counseling as a school administrator than I did as a school counselor. This position was a challenging, but very rewarding position, and set the stage for a path that I did not foresee when I was beginning my career as an educator. I excelled as a campus administrator, and loved taking care of “MY PEEPS” and “MY BABIES”, as I called them. The Superintendent at the time, who I was very close to and considered a mentor, confidant, and close friend, approached me and advised me to strongly think about where I was headed in my career and encouraged me to seek my certification as a school superintendent. I followed his advice, and completed the requirements for school superintendent in May of 2014.  In August of 2015, I began another chapter in my educational career that pushed me toward pursuit of my PhD. I became an adjunct instructor at Angelo State University in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in addition to my role as a campus administrator at Grape Creek ISD.  I taught online courses for students working to obtain their Master’s degree in Counseling or School Administration. I taught School Law, Central Office, and Test and Measurements for several semesters. I loved the relationships and feeling of accomplishment from helping others achieve their goals, and truly enjoyed the online teaching experience.  During this time, one of my professors came to me, and encouraged me to seek my PhD. in Educational Leadership, and that began the newest venture in my career as an educator. I applied to Texas Tech University and was accepted to the Educational Leadership and Policy PhD. program. I began this journey with my initial classes in the Fall of 2015

In July of 2016, after some administrative changes, I was named the Interim Superintendent of Grape Creek ISD. I was officially named the Superintendent of Schools on August 1, 2016.

Even though I desperately miss interacting and seeing my “school babies” every day, I love my new role as the Superintendent of Schools.  I strive each day to make a difference in my student’s lives, as well my staff's lives, and have utilized much of what I am learning in my classes to become a better and stronger leader each day.  I am not afraid of challenges or change, and thrive while taking on tasks or jobs that may be difficult for others. I love the concept of working with a team and am very good at developing, creating, and collaborating with others. I do not expect my staff to do anything that I wouldn’t do, but hold them to a very high standard, ensuring that they are accountable with their duties and my expectations of them concerning their role and duties professionally. My vision for working with any team or school district is to build a unified group or team in every role so we can work together for the good of all stakeholders in solving problems and making a difference in the present as well as the future. The staff at Grape Creek ISD is amazing, talented, passionate, and caring. They are “overachievers” as I lovingly call them, and do a phenomenal job each day! I could not be more proud to have the opportunity to work alongside each and every one of them no matter the role they play within the district.

My hope and wish is that my position as the Grape Creek ISD Superintendent of Schools will enable me to give back to our beloved community, establish a collaborative bond with our parents and community members, and develop and create a loving, supportive, and academically strong environment for all of our amazing and deserving students.  I want to provide every student numerous opportunities for success and the resources they need to leave Grape Creek ISD with the knowledge, skills, experiences, and background to excel and follow their dreams toward a successful and productive future.