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Grape CreekIndependent School District

Good Luck to all our students taking the STAR test in the upcoming weeks
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District Safety and Security

At Grape Creek ISD, the safety and security of our students, staff, and guests is one of our top priorities and goals. 

The Grape Creek ISD administrators, staff and Board of Trustees collaborate and partner with outside agencies and departments who are experts in emergency planning and guidance toward the effective implementation of safety plans and procedures. The Grape Creek ISD safety management team. works diligently to meet the District's goal of ensuring our students, staff, and visitors are safe. This is accomplished through the continual assessment and advancement of security measures, protocols, and programs toward prevention, intervention, student assistance, preparedness, emergency response and building security. 

Additionally, Grape Creek ISD utilizes a threat assessment team that immediately takes action when any type of threat is reported. This team focuses on prevention of targeted violence following the procedures for threat assessment as prescribed by the United States Department of Education, the Secret Service, the Texas School Safety Center from Texas State University, as well as the State of Texas. ​

Trainings and tools utilized by the district such as the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE), “I Love You Guys” program, “Stop It” program, and the Texas School Safety Center guidance programs from Texas State University represent a few examples of the various tools, agencies, and safety experts that Grape Creek ISD uses in order to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep our students and staff safe. 

In our ongoing efforts to address safety and security concerns across the district, Grape Creek ISD  has implemented the following safety initiatives. We have provided links about these programs following their brief descriptions on this page in order to provide you the opportunity to obtain additional information and details.
STOP the Bleed Training
GCISD partnered with the Department of Public Safety and the San Angelo Fire Department to conduct Stop the Bleed training exercises for all district staff prior to the new school year.
"I Love You Guys" Foundation
GCISD utilizes this program in order to initiate a standard response protocol towards addressing multiple emergency scenarios.

CRASE Training
All GCISD Employees received the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) training prior to each school year. 

Active Shooter Training
GCISD partnered with the Department of Public Safety, and the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Department  to conduct active shooter training exercises within the district. 

Enhanced Communication
GCISD  is enhancing proactive communication with the Stop It app for anonymous student incident reporting, Zonar for students and parents/guardians utilizing school transportation, and communication apps such as Remind and DOJO to communicate more effectively with our parents and guardians. 

Security Systems
GCISS has upgraded and added over 1,000 high-definition cameras and controlled access to every campus and utilize safety and security cameras on our route buses as well. 

Mental Health
GCISD has established community partnerships to support students and families with mental health needs.  Campus personnel is receiving ongoing training in identification and support for students struggling with emotional problems.  

Campus Safety Procedures
Security consultants utilized current emergency response research to customize safety and emergency procedures for each campus.





Please click on the links below for more information: 
Emergency Management and Response Guidance from Texas School Safety Center. Texas State University:
"I Love You Guys" Foundation:
The StayALERT School Safety Program is a 24/7 bilingual reporting program designed to help provide a safer school environment. Report bullying, vandalism, drugs and alcohol, unsafe or violent behavior, harassment, weapons, teacher/student conflict, or other safety concerns. Text or call 206.406.6485 or email . You can also make reports online.


The Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) has developed the following Sexting Prevention Educational Program for Texas in response to SB 407. This program may be used in part or in its entirety as an educational tool. There is also an accompanying test to demonstrate successful completion of this program. A certificate of successful completion is available for printing, upon answering 80% or more of the test questions correctly. The Sexting Prevention Educational Program places special emphasis on preventing sexting by minors to address the legal, social, emotional, educational and/or career impact.

Before You Text... - Sexting Prevention Educational Program

More resources for students and parents about the dangers of sexting can be found on the TxSSC wesbite.