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Grape CreekIndependent School District

*****Monday, January 21 is a student holiday.  Teachers will report to work on that day.*****February 18 will be used as a Bad Weather Makeup Day.¬†¬†Students WILL report to school on that day.*****January is Board Appreciation Month - We appreciate our school board members - Diane James, Fred Contreras, Becky Buck, Jimmy Hill, Mike Diaz, Scott Stephens and Kacey Doucet!!!*****
Transportation » Information for Bus Drivers

Information for Bus Drivers

Everyone is reminded to check your Medical Certification paperwork for the expiration date. If you are about to expire, please contact our medical provider and make an appointment at least one week prior to the expiration. You will then need to go to the local DPS office and complete a separate form and pay for the adjustment at YOUR COST. 
The State of Texas Department of Public Safety and Department of Transportation will downgrade your CDL to a regular license if your medical certification has expired. You will be required to retake the CDL tests to get your license re-instated, at YOUR COST.
For 2018/2019 all drivers, aides, and mechanic, we require on-line training through SafePUPIL. This training can be done anywhere with internet access and can be done with a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The training consists of videos with questions regarding the information in the video. You will have a specific period in which to complete the lessons, normally one week (7 days). Each completed lesson will be logged on-line so we can prove you have specific training in the subjects presented. You can access the training at and then follow the instructions on the first page. Usernames are composed of the first initial of your first name followed by your last name, all lowercase with no spaces between. Individual passwords will be provided. Transportation has established a computer lab to access the internet, if you so desire.