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Transportation » Bus Card Replacement Processing Policy

Bus Card Replacement Processing Policy

FROM: Transportation 6 December 2022

SUBJ: Bus card replacement processing policy

TO: Superintendent

Radio Frequency Identification Data (RFID) bus cards are the property of Grape Creek ISD and are provided to bus riders with a plastic sleeve and lanyard. All eligible riders are required to have a bus card to ride the bus to school or home.

When these cards are scanned on the bus, they provide the time, date, location and name associated with the card, to the transportation department. The information is secured through password protection and also provides a feed to a free internal application (MyView) in the system to enable the parent or guardian to receive notification of when and where the card was scanned.

The cards should be left in the plastic sleeve and lanyard to help in physically protecting the card from damage. Damage to the card can also be done through exposure to sources of magnetic interference such as being placed on or near a microwave oven, radios, televisions, stereos, etc. In addition, extreme heat may cause the plastic to melt, thus affecting the internal antenna or magnetic chip. Extreme cold may cause the plastic to become brittle.

Lost or damaged cards are subject to a $5.00 processing fee to replace the card. Cards, plastic sleeves and lanyards will be replaced for the $5.00 fee.

When a card is damaged and does not work, the driver or school personnel will collect the card for evaluation on whether the card is damaged and not working due to negligence or other reason. If the card has been damaged through negligence or abuse, the individual to whom the card is assigned will be subject to the processing fee to acquire a replacement card. If the card is not physically damaged and protected by the original sleeve attached to the lanyard, it will be replaced free of charge.

When a card is lost, the individual will be subject to the processing fee to replace the card. The lost card will then be made inactive. If the lost card is found, it will need to be returned to Grape Creek ISD transportation. The processing fee is not subject to refund.