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Grape CreekIndependent School District

*****Monday, January 21 is a student holiday.  Teachers will report to work on that day.*****February 18 will be used as a Bad Weather Makeup Day.¬†¬†Students WILL report to school on that day.*****January is Board Appreciation Month - We appreciate our school board members - Diane James, Fred Contreras, Becky Buck, Jimmy Hill, Mike Diaz, Scott Stephens and Kacey Doucet!!!*****
Transportation » Ineligible Streets

Ineligible Streets


  • The following list identifies the name of the street and the house numbers which are ineligible for GCISD transportation support due to the "two-mile" rule established by the Texas Education Agency. Streets are listed in alphabetical order.

    Street Name - Ineligible Addresses

    Aster St. - ALL

    Bob White Ln. - ALL

    Blue Quail Ln - ALL

    Burrell Rd. - ALL

    Canna St. - ALL

    Cardinal Rd. - ALL

    Caribou Trl. - ALL

    Chapparral Run - ALL

    Chimney Rock Rd. - ALL

    Concord Loop N. - ALL

    Concord Loop W. - ALL

    Copper Mtn. Cir. N. - ALL

    Copper Mtn. Cir. S. - ALL

    Cottontail Ln. - ALL

    Cypress Ct. - ALL

    Dahlia Ave. - ALL

    Daisy Ln. - ALL

    Dilly Rd. - ALL

    Doss Ln. - ALL

    Eagle Ln. - ALL

    Evergreen Ln. - ALL

    Falcon Ln. - ALL

    Front St. - ALL

    Gaimes Dr. - ALL

    Grape Creek Rd. N. - House numbers 8300 through 11349

    Grape Creek Rd. W. - House numbers below 8800

    Grapevine Ave. - ALL

    Harvest Dr. - ALL

    Hwy 87 N. - House numbers 8000 through 8699

    Larkspur Ave. - ALL

    Martha Rd. - ALL

    Moon Ln. - ALL

    Mt. Nebo Rd. - ALL

    Morning (Mourning) Dove Ln. - ALL

    Mustang Ave. - ALL

    Petunia Ave. - ALL

    Pansy Ave. - ALL

    Red bird Ln. - ALL

    Raccoon Rd. - ALL

    Raven Rd. - ALL

    Oatland Dr. - ALL

    Oleander St. - ALL

    Possum Hollow Rd. - ALL

    Sandpiper Way - ALL

    Skylark Ln. - ALL

    Spruce Ct. - ALL

    Sun Ln. - ALL

    Sunflower Ave. - ALL

    Sutters Ave. - ALL

    Tokay Rd. - ALL

    Verbena St. - ALL

    Wheatland Dr. - ALL

    Whippoorwill Way - ALL

    Wren Rd. - House numbers up to 9100

    Zinnia Ave. - ALL